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Long time, no blog people!  Been super busy around here, but that's usually a good thing :)  It's also hard to blog when I have a new blog design in the works, so it makes this one feel like a shabby old shoe that has seen better days!

Here is a gorgeous image from a summer engagement session in Orange County...can't wait to share more of this session and their wedding!!!


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Carol says:

Can't wait to see more!!! Looks like a beautiful wedding venue and a very elegant couple!!

(10.13.11 @ 09:16 AM)
Lisa Liesener says:

Found you! Great blog! Love the pics. :)

(02.27.13 @ 02:35 PM)
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Most of us grew up fortunate.  You know, like clothes-on-your-back, food-on-the-table fortunate. And most of us grew up very fortunate...playing sports, back-to-school clothes (kind of wish I was still in school for that!) and parents that would even move into a better school district so you could have a great education.  Enter:  Nikki and myself.  I grew up down the street from Nikki, as in, 3 houses down the street.  We were fortunate to live in a neighborhood where there were a few other girls who could play after school and borrow textbooks when you'd left yours at school and just a good, all around fun group of friends.  We rode bikes together and played cops and robbers, played on swingsets and occasionally enjoyed playing with Barbies and Legos.  Flash forward a certain number of years later and Nikki is getting married and asked me to photograph her wedding...yay!  It's so special for me to photograph a wedding like this...I always strive to get to know my clients as it helps me to tell their story in a much more close knit almost family-like way.  So it's exciting that I know Nikki's story and I get to help document another chapter of her life, with Vance  :)

A few weeks ago I met Nikki and Vance on a Sunday morning in downtown Charlotte for their engagement session.  After we spent some time in Charlotte, we headed up the road to Concord, where Vance's family has an awesome piece of property and my favorite:  cows! 

Nikki and Vance, thank you for allowing me to capture your engagement session and I cannot wait for your wedding!!!











Happy Tuesday!
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Carol says:

Love the photo with the cows in the background!! Awesome! Wonderful way to capture their love story...........

(08.17.11 @ 06:29 AM)
tanya says:

very good job! Like this session

(05.17.12 @ 09:34 PM)
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Happy Thursday!  

This week for the Resource Room I want to share one of my favorite websites, Etsy...but not just Etsy....Etsy weddings!  There are so many gorgeous accessories and wedding day must haves that you can get lost in there!  Go ahead and check it out, but I warn you, you should clear about 2 hours off your schedule today :)


And because this is a photo blog, here is a sneak peek from Nikki and Vance's Charlotte engagement session!

More to come soon...!
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Carol says:

Oh they look so happy!!! Can't wait to see more Whitney!!

(08.12.11 @ 05:07 PM)
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Anna and Cody's story is a special one to me...Cody and I went to college together and he actually married Mike and I back in 2008 :)  So when Cody asked me to photograph their wedding I was beyond excited and honored!!  

Their beautiful wedding took place on July 16 in downtown Charlotte, NC with everyone getting ready at the historic Dunhill Hotel, the ceremony at historic St. Mary's Chapel and the reception following at RiRa's, which is such a fun bar and restaurant with a great atmosphere.  The day started out cloudy and it looked almost as if it could rain, but it didn't and the sun peeped out just after the ceremony, which I think is good luck :)  

Cody and Anna, thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day---it was beautiful and, just like you wanted, I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time :)

Anna's dress is gorgeous and she purchased it in Charlottesville, VA at West Main Bridal.




Nothing more gorgeous than a radiant bride on her wedding day!  :)


I love the getting ready photographs, almost as much as any other part of the wedding day...there is so much excitement and anticipation and you can feel it in the air...

Cody doing his thing before the wedding...


I love capturing the groom's expression as his future wife walks down the aisle  :)


Anna is an only child and you could tell her Dad was happy for her but was also a little hesitant to let his little girl go...

Actually, this might be my favorite part of the day...right after the bride and groom have exchanged vows and are pronounced husband and wife...!

Oh! Y'all! Are! Too! Stinking! Adorable!




Anna and Cody held their reception at RiRa's in downtown Charlotte and it was so much fun!  

Delicious cake made by the chef at RiRa's...I'm talking rich, velvety dark chocolate with a rich, creamy, chocolate frosting with whip cream to boot!  Are you hungry yet?? :)

Gotta wrap up the post with an awesome reception shot of Cody and all the guys singing "You've lost that lovin' feeling" to Anna  :)

Happy Tuesday!
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Carol says:

What a lovely day.............Best wishes to Anna and Cody! I love the happiness that you caught with your beautiful photos!!

(08.10.11 @ 08:11 AM)
fotoclipping says:

Very innovative photography.

(04.17.12 @ 10:22 PM)
Baby Photography London says:

I am stunned by your style! Lovely pictures.
Congratulations on the great work!

(03.13.13 @ 04:14 AM)
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A few weeks ago Mike and I traveled home for some business mixed with a little fun.  My family goes to the beach every year and this year was no exception.  The girls and the kids hang out on the beach all day, the guys go play golf and we eat lots of bad for you really good food!  As I'm wrapping up this busy week I'm looking through photos I took at the beach and kinda wishing I was back there!

This summer we went to Ocean Isle Beach...

A lot of people who live on the west coast don't realize what the Intracoastal Waterway is...it's pretty awesome!  It's a narrow strip of water that creates little islands off the coast of North Carolina and in the summer is always filled with jet skiiers and boaters, etc.


Ah, so relaxing :)  Happy Thursday!

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Happy Tuesday!

Lots of shooting and editing going on over here and I wanted to share a quick sneak peek of Cody and Anna's Charlotte St. Mary's Chapel wedding...more to follow soon!  :)


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Carol says:

Cody looks so handsome and Anna is a beautiful bride!! Can't wait to see more!!!

(08.03.11 @ 07:01 AM)
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It all started over a bottle of wine (good stories always do, right?!).  It was a lovely crisp white wine as the day had been warm (for Santa Barbara).  Mike and I were hanging out, being lazy, watching movies and perusing the internet on our laptops on a slow Sunday.  

That's when I saw the news article...Royal Couple Visiting Santa Barbara, or something to that affect.

"Eek, Ahh, OMGosh."  I swooned and carried on.  I insisted that we had to go.  Mike didn't seem too concerned that the Royal couple was visiting and that we could have a chance to see them in person.

I realized this would call for some great persuasion on my behalf.  Donning a ridiculous beach hat, I pranced around the house using a horrible, fake British accent, "Oh, Michael, we must go to the royal polo match.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I shall just die if I can't go.  All the stars will be there, it will be educational.  It's a historical event, one not to be missed.  Also, I can see Kate's clothes in person."

Unfortunately, the evening ended with "uh, let's talk about this later."  Whatever.

A few days later after my shameless, British begging expose, I arrived home late from a meeting, starving and just ready to go to bed.  Mike decided he wanted to run out for a late dinner..."Come with me," he asked.  "Oh, alright."  I agreed.  I met him at the front door, sans purse.  

"Where's your purse?" Mike asked a little alarmed.  
"It's taking a nap.  I'm not taking it."
"I think you should get your purse."
"I, uh, just think you should have it in case we need your driver's license or something."
"Oh, I already have that on me."
"I'll be right back..."  as Mike runs up the stairs.
"Take your purse!"  he says.

Sheesh, I'm thinking.  He must really like this new bag I bought.  Maybe I should get it in the white color as well.

I look into my bag and there's an invitation...in honor of my birthday to attend the Royal Polo Match!  

You would've have thought the man was proposing again the way I carried on.  Excitement and near fainting ensued.  

Anyway, onto the good part.  Such a cool event and it really was a once in a lifetime event to be able to see Kate and William (I like to think that we're on a first name basis).

The week leading up to the polo match, I was so excited...so excited in fact that I couldn't stop using my fake British accent.  I'm sure Mike loved it :)

We were permitted to bring cameras so I was loaded down with my camera and Mike brought his trusty point and shoot:

The day started out foggy, but fortunately the fog burned off and the sun came out.  This is the infamous "June Gloom" of Santa Barbara that has spread into July.


They're landing!  You could feel the excitement in the air from the crowd and there was a murmur going through the crowd, "They're here, they're here!"

The sun came out shortly after Kate and William landed, and so did the Champagne :)

Prince William warming up on the field!!

Before the match, all the players rode around the field, were introduced and then the National Anthem played.  Prince William is #4.

This little girl brought her Kate doll along...I may have to go pick one of those up  ;)

Below is Melissa Ganzi, the only female player on the field.  She's an awesome and feisty player!

Melissa and Prince William tearing down the field...

Prince William is the player getting ready to hit the ball with his mallet...


Prince William in pursuit of the ball!



After the match, Kate presented the trophy to William's winning team and gifts to the other team.  Mike and I were standing behind the press and I'm pretty sure the guys in front of me were a little irritated that I was asking them to move for my shot :)


A blurry close up from Mike's point and shoot, isn't she so pretty?!?

I'm still culling through the gazillion photos I took.  All in all, it was a fabulous day and thank you Mike for the wonderful/awesome/so amazing birthday gift!

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jessi says:

omg i would have had a cow!!! i bet it was awesome!!!!

(07.14.11 @ 05:19 PM)
Toni Greenside says:

Hi Whitney! :) I Loved everything about this article! You and Mike are so adorable, and if ever there was a fairy tale marriage... You and Mike are it! Your pictures are exceptionally Beautiful too!
Love and Hugs to you both!
Toni :)

(07.15.11 @ 08:34 AM)
Carol says:

Absolutely without a doubt one of the sweetest husbands in the world (Mike not William!!!!!!!!!!!)........Spectacular photography Whitney!!! I felt as if I were at the polo match myself with all your beautiful photos and commentary!!

(07.15.11 @ 08:53 AM)
Sara Chidester says:

I'm so jealous you got to be there in person for this! What a great husband you have! :)

(07.15.11 @ 09:07 AM)
Dottie says:

Fantabulous!!! what an incredible experience! thanks so much for sharing the photos and story..tons love!

(07.15.11 @ 01:17 PM)
Robert says:

Gorgeous pics!

(10.12.11 @ 11:23 PM)
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I never thought I was the sentimental type until a friend pointed it out to me a few weeks ago.

Those who know me well know that I often purge things in my house or sell stuff online or load up a bunch of clothes and knickknacks and haul it off to Goodwill.  But there's this one shoebox that I keep around.  I place it on the top of my list of "stuff" to save if my house were burning down.  This shoebox is filled with what I usually consider junk...loose papers, random little knickknacks (like plastic sunglasses that light up and blink around the frames) and ribbons and bows and cards.  This is the kind of "stuff" that usually sends me looking for the shredder (OCD people unite!).  But this shoebox holds the most important memories to me, things that I want to keep around so that when I'm old and gray (well, the gray part is already happening, boo!) that I can remember all the sweet things Mike does for me.

It was around Sophomore year of college that I started keeping this box.  That was around the time that Mike and I started hanging out and he started inviting me to concerts, dinner, etc.  Mike would always give me a handmade invitation when he invited me to do something and it became the start of my shoebox.  

So, all these years later this box is about to bust...I need to get another shoebox for all the invitations.  I didn't think I was sentimental but I guess it turns out I am!  :)


Check back soon...I have a fun post coming up about an invitation I recently received from Mike for my birthday...to a certain Polo Match :)

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jessi says:

i have a box that i started when john and i started dating too! and i hate crap sitting around, so i'm totally with you there :)

(07.11.11 @ 08:24 PM)
Carol says:

True Love...........need I say more?!!

(07.12.11 @ 07:41 AM)
Heidi says:

so sweet :) and i really, really hope there are pictures of a certain polo match!

(07.12.11 @ 12:50 PM)
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Happy Thursday everyone!  Time for this weeks installment of The Resource Room!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July (yeah, I'm just a few days late on that...).  I had a fantastic 4th filled with lots of kayaking and beach going and eating and lots of reading  :)

Here are just two of the great books I read over the weekend:

In The Garden of Beasts, by Erik Larson.  This book is about a family that moves to Berlin during Hitler's ascent for their father's ambassador position...historical and suspenseful and sad.  But good...you should read it!

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender.  Great read and very different from most novels I read.  The main character of the book can taste people's feelings/emotions through the food they make.

OK, so now onto the resource room part of the post!  The blog I'm sharing today is one that I recently found and they actually have a dedicated blog for Charlotte and Charleston, but I'm sharing the Charlotte blog today.  Go check out the Wedding Row!


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I recently photographed Alexis, affectionately called Alex by her family and friends, in Santa Barbara in honor of her high school graduation!  I had so much fun photographing Alex, not only because she's a fun and cute and happy model but it was a cool reminder and rush of feelings of graduating from high school (freedom!), enjoying your last summer as a kid (freedom!) and preparing for college (again, freedom!)  :)

Alex decided to be photographed near the beautiful, historic mission of Santa Barbara and she introduced me to a few neat trails nearby.  Alex is currently in France on a mission trip, but when she's not saving the world, she's an A+ student, amazing artist (she regularly has paintings on display around town) and is preparing for the next exciting 4 years of her life at Westmont!

Congratulations Alex and have a blast in France!!




I love them all, but oh, this is a fave!  :)  Rawr, Alex!


And here's a slideshow of the rest of the images:  CLICK HERE TO ENJOY!

Happy Hump Day!

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Carol says:

Beautiful young lady and fabulous photography!!

(06.30.11 @ 10:18 AM)
Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers says:

Nice work, I love that sepia image!
Shaun David

(06.30.11 @ 01:47 PM)
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What what?!  I decided to bring this back, like white jeans from the 80's.  I actually had a few people ask why I don't do this anymore (thank you people for reading my blog!) so I thought I'd bring back The Resource Room :)

Before I dive into my share for the day, I just finished such an awesome book last night.  It's been on my Goodreads list for awhile and Mike just happened to receive it as a gift awhile back....The Art of Non-Conformity.  He received the book right before he left on a business trip...and here's how this went down:

Me:  Oh Mike, I'd really love to read that book!!
Mike:  Yeah, me too.  So amped.  Gonna take it with me to Minnesota.
Me:  What? (as if he had just told me Santa Claus doesn't exist!)  But I'd like to read it now.
Mike:  Um, it's my book.
Me:  Gasp!  But I always read.  I'm the reader in the family!  What if I read it now, I'll finish it today (this happens all the time) and I'll fedex  UPS (that's right, I'm a die hard UPS fan!) it to you in Minnesota.
Mike:  That's just silly.  I'm taking with me.

A few hours later...

Mike is preoccupied with something, so I steal (forgive me!) the book out of his suitcase.  Thief!  I smugly hide it amongst my other books thinking I'll start the book as soon as I get back from dropping him off at the airport.

A few hours later...

I return home from the airport, pour a glass of Cab and happily make my way towards my bookcase.  Only to find that The Art of Non-Conformity is not where I had left it.  I frantically search (geez, didn't I have anything better to do that night?) all over my bookcase and I don't see it.  Then it hits me.  I immediately text Mike...

Me:  I know you have it
Mike:  What are you talking about?  I have to turn my cell off, we're getting ready to take off...
Me:  You have the book!!  You sneaky thing, you!
Mike:  Oh that, ha, yeah I have it.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
Me:  I may just have to go buy my own copy!

Anyway, I finally got to read the book and I loved it :)  So check it out!

But I digress...on to the Resource Room part!  Most of my friends and several of my clients have their own blogs now, which is fun because everyone can stalk each other in their own private way by seeing who is up to what.  So I felt this would be a great post to share with anyone who has a blog or is thinking about starting one.

I love reading ProBlogger...there's always insightful information for any blogger out there.  If you haven't heard of it, then what are you waiting for, go over there right now and read about how to be a better blogger!

Happy Thursday!

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Once upon a time, I posted about my favorite industry workshops, because I'm soo the photographer that goes to *almost* every workshop.  Why?  Because I love them!  I love meeting new people at workshops and learning new ways to hone my craft or streamline my operations or whatever that the workshop is teaching.

I have been wanting to attend The Simple Plan ever since it debuted over a year ago...every time it was offered I was unavailable or out of town, etc, etc.  But this time I made it happen and it was hands down, my favorite workshop of all time.  Maybe because I like crunching numbers and looking at the "back end" and inside of businesses or maybe because Michelle and Kelly are phenomenal teachers.  I recommend going to a Simple Plan the next time they plan one!  And even if you can't make the time, I highly suggest reading their blog, I think it's beneficial for any business owner.

And here's a quick sneak peek of a fun senior session I recently photographed :)


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Carol says:

Beautiful! Can't wait to see more of your photography!!!

(06.22.11 @ 06:39 AM)
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After taking a somewhat intentional social media (as in: blogging, facebook, twitter, pinterest, good reads and everything else out there!) break for the past few months, I'm enjoying being back on/around the internet :)

So what I have been up to?  Um, a lot!  Here's a quick rundown of all the personal, whitney-lately goings-on.  

Mike and I ran the Chardonnay 10 miler...lots of fun!  I pretty much signed him up about two weeks before the race so he didn't have much time for training, but we had a good, slow race:

We've been going to the beach a lot with sweet Bear and Charlie:

Having fun hiking the awesome trails (aka mountains!) of Santa Barbara:

Kayaking!  Mike and I used to have a sailboat (that's a whole other blog post!) and we unfortunately had to sell it but we vowed we would get a kayak or some kind of water toy, and we finally did  :)

We've had lots of fun family visits!

Mike and I have been training for a triathlon...are we crazy or what?!

I ran a half marathon with my dear friend Natalie....


And we celebrated with Mimosa's afterwards!


AND Mike and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary...woohoo!  

Thanks for checking in, until next time!  :)

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Natalie says:

LOVED IT!!!!!! You are one busy lady! Looking forward to another Mimosa with you soon!

(06.20.11 @ 09:43 PM)
Carol says:

like I've said before, I want to be you when I grow up!!!! Lots of fun times!

(06.21.11 @ 09:53 AM)
Heidi says:

busy, busy, busy...thanks for having us a few weeks ago. and i thought that was the only way to celebrate finishing a half-marathon. no?

(06.21.11 @ 11:02 AM)
Julia says:

Glad you are back! Missed your blog updates and fabulous photos!!

(06.23.11 @ 09:59 AM)
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It's days like today, when it's 85 degrees out, when California proves me wrong.  I don't mind being proved wrong when it means I'm learning something new.  And who doesn't like learning?  I don't want to go through life ignorant.

When we first moved here, I naively assumed the weather would always be like this...hey, it's California.  But it's not.  And it made me angry, along with the ridiculous taxes, inflated rent, sky high mortgages and cold beaches.  But today I am proven wrong.  And I like it.


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Heidi says:

Ahh, nice. It's cold and rainy here. :(

(03.31.11 @ 05:06 PM)
Carol says:

Beautiful! Who couldn't smile and be happy with that view??!!

(04.01.11 @ 06:03 PM)
sara-anne says:

you really do take BEAUTIFUL landscape images...(your portraits are beautiful too) but I love seeing your landsacpes!

(05.12.11 @ 09:04 AM)
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Everyone has photographs of themselves that they hate.  Everyone.  Right?  Right??

Some of us are guilty of trying to hide these photos from the light of day (untag on facebook: check, delete digital file: check, and so on) and I am just as guilty.

And the photograph below is one of those photos.  I should delete it.  My eyes are bloodshot and full of tears, my hair looks like it has been greased back with motor oil and don't even get me started on my teeth.  But I can't.  It makes me smile.

Four years ago today Mike proposed on the sandy pink beaches of Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda and I simultaneously laughed, cried and shrieked with joy.

I love you Mike-Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve your love :)


I also love this photograph because shortly after I finally got my own Canon 5D and started my journey as a wedding photographer :)

Happy Tuesday!
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Bryan says:

Great pic! That water sure looks inviting about now....

Hope you are feeling better.

(03.08.11 @ 05:06 PM)
Heidi says:

Fun day to remember! :) I think you look beautiful. Love to you both!

(03.08.11 @ 06:19 PM)
Katie says:

I think this photo is fantastic! You are adorable and the fact that your eyes are full of tears makes it even better! Hope you are doing well!

(03.09.11 @ 06:34 AM)
Anonymous says:

Whitney, I think you look adorable in this photo! How cute is Mike to have pulled something like this off!? Too cute!

(03.09.11 @ 09:06 AM)
Natalie Greenside says:

I think you look adorable in this photo! Mike, way to have pulled off the surprise! Too cute!

(03.09.11 @ 09:08 AM)
dottie says:

love this picture, and you for sharing! Every time you & Mike see it, you'll remember how you felt, and all that it represents, and all the plotting & planning ! love you both tons

(03.10.11 @ 04:32 AM)
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It's the title, isn't it?  The alluring title of this blog post that you brought you here?  Yeah, it does sound a little disgusting, but I like to warn my readers!  :)

It's been forever since my last blog post.  Mainly because I was super sick.  Not sick as in Oh-I-Need-Another-Cough-Drop-Yippee-I-Can-Catch-Up-On-All-My-Reality-TV-Shows sick but sick as in In-Bed-All-Day-With-103degree-Fevers-For-An-Entire-Week.  But I'm all better and since I'm not an octogenarian I will stop talking about my ailments and move on to other, more lovely, topics.

It's been raining here in Santa Barbara and that means it's snail time.  Well, at least in my neighborhood.  The giant snails of prehistoric times flood out of nowhere and bejewel the sidewalks with their tiny iridescent shells.  It's kinda hilarious actually because when I walk the dogs, their paws unknowingly kick the snails and they slide, bump and skid all over the sidewalk.  A friend of mine did a house swap with a family from another country a few years ago and the foreign family was so excited by all of the fabulous escargot they found for free in the yard.  I'll let you take a guess on where the family was from.

So, on to less disgusting topics.  Y'all know I read like a fiend so I wanted to share the last 3 books I read this past week.  Some good, some OK.  

A quickie snapshot courtesy of my blackberry: (Geez, that's a horrible shot.  Good thing this isn't a photoblog! ;) )

Mennonite in A Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen
UM, hilarious!   Funny writer, as well as an excellent writer, who manages to laugh at herself during some not-so-happy situations in her life.  Highly recommend this memoir!

Perfection by Julie Metz
This one bummed me out.  I will say it was well written but I'm not really a fan of this memoir or infidelity stories in general.  I would still recommend it, though.

Falling Home by Karen White
If you liked loved Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon you will probably like love this book because they're pretty much the same.  Obviously there are subtle differences, but very similar.  Easy read, good story.

Alrighty then folks, I'm signing off.  Happy Wednesday!  :)
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Bryan Jackson says:

I was not aware you were so sick. VERY glad you are feeling better! And thank you for reading bound books - I hate the thought of all books going electronic someday....

(03.02.11 @ 08:36 PM)
Dottie says:

so glad you're better, Whit.....must have been one powerful germ! where in the world did you pick up such a thing?? love ya !!

(03.03.11 @ 09:28 AM)
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homemade waffles, running, organizing closets, fresh squeezed oj, finished a novel, started another, made from scratch pasta, pouring rain, doggie hugs, bike rides, being lazy with mike

How was your weekend?  I'll leave you with this image, more details on that adventure soon :)


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Gina says:

sounds ah-mazing! :) always love your blog posts...it makes me feel warmer imaging your sunshine and green-ness! lots of snow here, but no less hikes :)

(02.21.11 @ 09:44 AM)
Natalie says:

My weekend was not as amazing because I didn't hang out with your hot face. Let's get together this week and run!

(02.27.11 @ 09:41 PM)
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Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Some love it, some hate it, I say love the one you're with all year long :)

I just had to share this newly launched website today for my clients (in case they haven't seen it!)...gorgeous-makes-your-eyes-pop-out-beautiful wedding dresses, details and inspiration:


Happy Monday!  :)
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Fotografi matrimonio torino says:

Hi, Fantastic pictures in your blog, very compliments. I am an italian wedding photographer and I find your blog very inspiring,,,

(04.27.11 @ 02:12 AM)
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As I'm dashing off here and there today, I wanted to take a quick second to thank La Tavola and Donna Romani for featuring my images recently from Donna's recent San Ysidro Ranch soiree...check out the post here!


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Carol says:

Absolutely beautiful photography Whitney! You captured each detail to make us feel like we were there too!!

(02.08.11 @ 02:44 PM)
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Remember in elementary school, before they handed out A's and B's and so on...when teachers would mark your skills as Very Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory?  I've always had the drive to do well, so I would usually receive Satisfactory remarks...except in penmanship.  I would always rip open my quarterly report card so I could silently gloat about the usual nice remarks from my teachers: "pleasant, quiet and hard worker," "highly motivated," until my eye would roam and stop on a check mark, next to, gasp, an Unsatisfactory mark. 

I never understood it.  I always got my point across and I thought I had wonderful handwriting.  So what if the teacher thought my "W" was an "L"? (don't ask).   After admitting that fact, I guess it is possible that my handwriting is unattractive.  OK, actually it's horrible.  So horrible in fact, if you've ever received a handwritten note from me, I'm willing to wager I had to tear up the first version and rewrite again, maybe even a third time (somewhere Mike is cringing at the thought of me wasting paper).  Sometimes I leave Mike cute sticky notes around the house and half the time he'll smile and wonder "what on Earth did she mean this time?"  Both my sisters have very pretty handwriting, so much nicer than mine, that they actually addressed my wedding invitations for me because, let's face it, if I had written them the guests wouldn't have made it to the ceremony.  

But, after all these years, I've stopped caring about it.  Everyone types these days...texts, facebooks, blogs...you can practically go an entire lifetime without actually seeing someone's handwriting.  Unless you have a penpal.

I always loved the idea of penpals.  A few times during elementary school, our classroom would be chosen to have a penpal from another local school or sometimes from a different state.  One year I had a penpal from Japan...I thought I was so cool.  I even told people on the playground that I could speak Japanese.  Anyway, I digress.  I even convinced my Nana to be my penpal.  Even though she lived just 15 minutes away, I loved getting letters in the mail from her.  She would always type her letters on a fancy, old fashioned type writer and I would illegibly scrawl something back to her and usually include a newspaper clipping about how bad the Atlanta Braves played against the New York Yankees (with the former being her favorite team).

Paula has been my "grownup" penpal since we graduated high school (you know, before facebook was invented and blogging was in vogue).  I would always look forward to checking my dorm mailbox for letters from Paula, to see what was going on at her college and her dorm and what her major was like.  And now we still write letters back and forth and I love it because in the midst of the texting, the blogging and the facebooking, it's nice to know people still take time out of their day to think about you.  :)

Happy Groundhog's Day!  I love little Punxsutawney Phil...and his irony of declaring an early spring in the midst of a blizzard.
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Carol says:

Awesome blog post Whitney!! So sad that the "written" word is falling by the wayside..........you have inspired me to pick up my pen and paper and write a note to someone special!!

(02.03.11 @ 09:06 AM)
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around the neighborhood...

Such a great exercise for a 100+lb lab with copious amounts of energy :)  Happy Weekend!
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When Mike and I moved to Santa Barbara, we knew absolutely no one.  I mean, absolutely no one.  The only person I knew for the first two months of living in California was our mailman and I'm pretty sure he got tired of me loitering around the mailbox asking him how his day was going while I complained about unpacking and $5 gas prices.

Some of our friends who had recently experienced the same events in life: graduate college, get married, go on a blissful honeymoon, sadly return to the everyday norms of life (I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I could live in the Caribbean full time) and move thousands of miles away from all family and friends...all within a matter of a month, or two, told us, "Oh, it's so great for your relationship, to be alone and depend on each other."  

Yes, yes, that was all fine and dandy but after a few months I started to go a little stir-crazy...I had to get out and meet people!

Enter the Greenside family.  This super-sweet family has become like a second family to us...our California family, if you will.  When those random little holidays pop up or it seems like everyone else is hanging out with their family and we're 2700 miles away from our family, they always invite us over  :)

So I was pretty excited to do something, such as, return the favor (without all the home cooked meals and board games!) so Nicky and Cara accompanied me to Firestone Winery for a fun shoot...Nicky started his own business when he was, like, a teenager and Cara is a talented equestrian and instructor  :) 



Thanks guys!!  Happy Tuesday :)
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Toni Greenside says:

Whitney, these are so Beautiful! You are an amazing photographer! Aaaaaaaannnnnnd, how Blessed we are to be your "California Family"! We Love You and Mike!
Love, Toni

(01.18.11 @ 11:00 PM)
dottie says:

Hi Whitney...these are superb pictures!

(01.19.11 @ 10:19 AM)
Heidi says:

As your sister, I'm glad that you found "family" to help you through the lonely times and celebrate the fun times with. I wish we were closer, but it makes my heart smile to know you have a wonderful support group. Love you! :)

(01.23.11 @ 05:39 PM)
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It's inevitable.  Now whenever someone walks through the door or stops by for a visit, they get tackled by wet, slobbery kisses and giant bear hugs.

Sweet doggies of mine  :)


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dottie says:

What Fun!!!

(01.16.11 @ 11:41 AM)
toni Greenside says:

I Love this picture! :-)

(04.29.11 @ 11:29 AM)
robert says:

I love the pic with the dog!

(10.12.11 @ 11:26 PM)
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It was only a year ago that a deadly and devastating earthquake struck Haiti in the the heart of Port-au-Prince, killing and injuring masses of people and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless, without food or water.  I was very blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Haiti last April with New Reality International (please go check out their website if you are interested in volunteering or donating in any way!!).  Several of the friends I made in Haiti have the same news to tell as they did 6, 9, and 12 months...no change.  People are still living in tent cities and struggling to find food or water.  There are several ways you can help...donating a tent, donating money securing through NRI or by sponsoring a child for a small amount each year so that they may receive an education and help the future of Haiti...

To find my previous posts on my experience in Haiti please click HERE.
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Carol says:

So unbelievable that your photo above, today represents the same heartbreak that the Haitians suffered one year ago. Thank you for again helping to spread the word about their great need. I will be counting my blessings extra closely tonight........

(01.13.11 @ 03:00 PM)
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I recently had the opportunity to photograph a fun party hosted by fabulous Santa Barbara wedding coordinator Donna Romani Events in honor of her employees at gorgeous San Ysidro Ranch (images from the shoot coming soon!!).  Santa Barbara Wedding Style blog so graciously shared the images and Donna's awesome decor ideas...

Check it out!

Happy Monday!
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Heidi says:

How fun, Whitney! I loved your pictures. Beautiful venue and decorations, too!

(01.11.11 @ 06:36 PM)
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I never imagined 10, 15, 20 years ago that there would be this magical thing created called the "internet."  I also never imagined that I would make friends over the internet, but I have and I'm here to tell you that it's pretty cool!  Sometimes if you can't speak face to face, a fun email conversation or twitter chat is the way to go :)

One of the many friends I have made recently via online in the wedding industry is Kelly Simants of Sweet Pea Events, LLC.  Kelly heads up the Dallas, Texas office with her wedding coordinator extraordinaire skills and writes on the drool-inducing blog which is full of all things wedding: details, color palettes, inspiration boards, etc.  Kelly so kindly featured snippets from two of my recent weddings...thanks Kelly!  :)

The first is Katie and Matt's wedding--gorgeous blue details and the other is Lyndsey and Erik's wedding--fun, bright yellow accents.  Be sure to check the blue wedding day details on Kelly's blog HERE and the yellow wedding day details HERE.



Happy Friday!!!
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Welcome to Thursday's Resource Room!  Today I am sharing a cute little wedding planning/inspiration blog called It's a Jaime Thing....super cute ideas ranging from jewelry on your wedding day, to veils and headpieces, to dresses :)  And they have inspiration boards, which I just love.  Below is my typical screen capture, but be sure to go visit their blog!


Happy Thursday!
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A few months ago I had the pleasure of second shooting with Becker from Orange County and Larry Reeves who is in Arizona.  The wedding took place on the beach in Malibu with the reception following at The Sunset Restaurant.  It was awesome to meet Becker for the first time--thanks for inviting me to come along and shoot with you!























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Carol says:

What fabulous photography Whitney!! Each shot was so detailed and absolutely beautiful!

(11.19.09 @ 11:34 AM)
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Happy Thursday everyone! And happy Resource Room day  ;)  Between traveling and feeling a tad under the weather, the 'ole blog has felt neglected but I thought this fun website, Once Wed, would make the blog feel like new again.  I browsed this site earlier and fell in love with all the DIY ideas...go take a peek!  


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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of second shooting with Leah Lund from NY...this was such a gorgeous wedding with an intimate ceremony.  Thom and Jenn were so much fun to be around and this was evident not only through their personalities but through the fact that all their guests flew in from all over the country to witness their marriage.  

Their wedding took place at the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara on the rooftop and it was a super warm beautiful fall day...

Jenn's wedding dress was designed and created by her grandmother!








The Canary Hotel has so many awesome details...










To view a slideshow from this wedding, please click HERE!
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Carol says:

Beautiful images!! I love all the different textures in your photography....Each shot is so totally unique!!

(11.11.09 @ 10:03 AM)
Bridget Jones says:

I love the beach pics. They look very california! Great job.

(10.05.11 @ 11:12 PM)
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I know, I know, I didn't do the resource room last week...but I have an excuse, I had visitors!

Today I want to share the Hostess Blog....I cannot remember how I found this blog, but I looovvveee all the ideas.  There is inspiration for brides and for any kind of special event...holiday parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc, etc.  If you go take a peek I guarantee you will be oozing over this blog for at least an hour...so many cute ideas!  Now I want to throw a party...hmm, maybe I could throw a Thanksgiving party or a "I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out, please bring ice cream" party  ;)

Make sure you check it out:

And here is a quick detail shot from a beautiful wedding that I will be blogging very soon!


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